About the ATSLAN

Atslan is an advanced field-proven ballistic calculator app combined into a sniper / long range shooter logbook. 
The app is specially designed for snipers and any kind of long-range shooters. 
The app provides the beginner and the professional shooter with ability to record his / her performance in an intuitive and easy way. 
The main advantage is that the ballistic logbook is always with you in your pocket so you never forget or lose your data anymore.
Atslan lets you record all your shooting and track multiple profiles, rifles, scopes and ammo.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Ballistic app


  • State of the art ballistic calculator with support for: Spin-drift, Aerodynamic-Jump and Coriolis Effect.

  • Support for G1 and G7 ballistic models, and multi-bcs(stepped bcs).

  • Muzzle velocity based temprature.

  • Supports imperial and metric units, MRAD(Mil) MOA and IPHY.

  • Special dialogs for: wind direction, azimuth, shooting angle and more.

  • Coriolis based on your gps location.

  • Optional use for phone sensors to get barometric pressure, humidity, azimuth etc.

  • Cold bore shot tracking - per ammo.

  • Training performance summary.

  • Variety of targets to choose from.

  • Backup/Restore options.


+ Easy to use

+ High-quality ballistic calculator

+ Saving performance statistics

+ Supports languages: English/Russian/Hebrew