About the MANTIS patent-pending 

Lightweight and simple for use, the Mantis offers a stable and rigid shooting platform that can be quickly adjustable to any terrain.

Developed as an evolution of our trusted TSB the Mantis was designed to meet the challenges of the modern snipers, fast to deployed, comfortable stay for hours and intuitive to master.

The TSB and Mantis are developed in conjunction with FAB DEFENSE.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Sniper shooting bench color

Weight include tripod (Carbon / Aluminum)

3.5 / 4.4 kg

Assembly time

1-2 Min

Hight (Min - Max)

50 - 180


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  • MANTIS BENCH - aluminum bench

  • TRIPOD ADAPTOR - Half ball head / Flat head up to customer preference.

  • TRI-POD - High quality aluminom or carbon tripod up to customer preference


+ Compact & portable

+ Lightweight

+ Fully adjustable

+ Stable and solid


Nice photo of the MANTIS