About the TSB patent-pending 

The TSB (Tactical sniper bench) is a combat proven comfortable and Portable shooting bench that enables shooting in sitting and standing positions. The TSB allows a comfortable long stay, with support for the elbows, comfortable arrangement of equipment, and use of bean-bag and bipods for support and maximum stability, so that single shot will hit the mark. 

The TSB manufactured in Israel by FAB DEFENSE.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Sniper shooting bench color
Coyote brown.jpg

Weight include tripod (Carbon / Aluminum)

5.1 / 6.4 kg

Bench folded size

7x 45x 28cm

Bench open size

3.5 x 80 x 28 cm

Assembly time

1-2 Min

Hight (Min - Max)

50 - 180


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  • TACTICAL BENCH - Folding aluminum bench

  • TRIPOD ADAPTOR - Half ball head / Flat head up to customer preference.

  • TRI-POD - High quality aluminom or carbon tripod up to customer preference.

  • TEXTILE BAG - Soft bags for carrying and preserving the bench and tripod.


+ Compact & portable

+ Lightweight

+ Fully adjustable

+ Stable and solid


Nice photo of the TSB



  • BLACK CUBE - Specially designed urban tactical camouflage - Coming soon

  • LAZY CHAIR - Specially designed folding chair which allows to stand for long hours without straining the legs - Coming soon